At St David Dairy we are taking a fresh approach to dairy products, combining small scale processing with intricate attention to quality. We are excited to present Melbourne a new totally independent, Paddock-to-plate, Grass-to-Glass option for fresh milk and milk products. We are much more than the ever-present smart marketing and salespeople that obscure the link between producer and consumer. We are real dairy people, and want to bring back to life the local dairy that once stood alongside our butchers and bakeries, before their sad demise in one of the largest rationalisations Australia has seen.

From a 4th generation Dairy farming family, we have strong values about food origins, retention of natural properties and monopolisation, and concern that today, around 80% of fresh milk sold in Australia is from foreign owned companies. Our milk is sourced from Victorian farms as local as possible and completely processed & packed here in Fitzroy. We use equipment up to 20 times smaller than large scale processors, and without any additives or by-products.  The same people that pick up the phone, pick up the farm fresh raw milk, process, package and deliver to you.    

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